Alicia Renadette
My studio practice is an outgrowth and reflection of my outlook on American consumer-class rituals. Prodding at both mortality and morality; I exploit materials with multi-tiered associations. Often using black humor, duality and word-play, i create alternate narratives in which incidental objects unwittingly become signifiers of complex personal and social issues
I am currently working with materials such as: mass-produced holiday or "special occasion" accoutrement, housekeeping implements, molded styrofoam and plastic appliance packaging, dollar store cosmetics, polynesian cocktail adornments and foisted family heirlooms . I have used these articles to build temples reminiscent of parade floats and wedding cakes as well as to create abstract asteroid-like amalgamations of familiar, fragmented and otherwise manipulated, textures.
When encountering these sculptures, the viewer is immediately delighted by the vibrant color pallet, and seduced by the “painterly” sensibility, attention to detail and elegance of composition. This initial reaction is fairly quickly subverted or tainted. Upon closer inspection, darker themes are revealed as familiar materials appear more sinister and infectious than simply decorative and whimsical. Depending on one’s individual experience, the mood produced can become overwhelming, confusing, and perhaps a bit sickening. As one draws connections between the multitude of materials, their utilitarian function in conjunction with their underpinnings of metaphorical potential trigger complex psychological rifts on unexpectedly personal levels. Many items I use are mass-produced compiling issues of dubious ethics and authenticity onto the mix.